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Exciting News! Dr. Mike joins the UNH Athletic Department!

Active Health is proud to announce Dr. Mike has accepted a part time role assting student athletes in the recovery from sports injuries off the field.  He is providing assitance to the Orthopedic and athletic training staff. Dr. Mike performs Acupuncture, soft tissue treatment in the form of Active Release Techniques (ART) and Chiropractic joint manipulations as needed.

Dr. Mike is thrilled to work with athletes from all sports!  Each sport provides unique physical challenges that can lead to injury or overuse. Dr. Mike uses a combination of conservative treatments to effectiveley decrease pain and muscle spasm helping the athletes return to full activity as soon as possible.  

Dr. Mike focuses on improving the athletes mobility and range of motion.  When muslces and joints move better, they feel better.  The same treatment techniques used at the University level can be applied to athletes and non athletes alike.

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